MUSIC NEWBORN - Oliver Hirsh


This project - designed for conservatories, seminaries or choirs - spans divers musical disciplines. Dependent on active participation, it takes the form of lecture-demonstrations, which can either be presented at the institution involved within a limited space of time, or spread over a longer period at the home of Oliver Hirsh in Klippinge, 55 km south of Copenhagen.
ear training

We lead up to and practice contrapuntal elements: experience parallel, sideways and contrary motion, act out dissonance treatment, investigate the practice of imitation, identify triad function, cultivate intonation.

Working with a polythematic ricercar, we acquaint ourselves with the syllables of the hexachord (ut re mi fa sol la), integral to musical thought in the 16th century, as evidenced in the formation of inganni, teasing melodic variants.

modal theory

We observe how the structure of the modes (authentic and plagal) manifests itself, in vocal as well as instrumental music: the formation and order of cadences, prevalent melodic prototypes, predominant tones (repercussa). (See also under concerts: before minor and major, and courses: at home in the modes)


We try making music from a choirbook or from partbooks: test the consequences of using original note values, and of doing without barlines, for ones sense of rhythmic pulse and for successful ensemble. (See further article on this subject)


What is the significance of equal and unequal temperament? And which systems of tuning suit which types of music? We put them into practice. (See article in Danish: Stemning og temperatur, Orglet 1/1977, reprinted in CHM-nyt, februar 1995)


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