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April 10 - 16, 2023, Landesmusikakademie Sondershausen, Thuringia
Renaissance Music Week

This course brings to life music of the 16th century from many European sources. Playing and singing together alternates with lessons in mixed ensembles and with instrument-specific groups. We work mainly from original notation and as authentically as possible (pitch: 440 Hz). Young people and adults with some musical experience are welcome; an introduction to the historic notation is offered upon request.

Teachers: Ute Goedecke (recorder, voice), Ian Harrison (cornett, dulcian, shawm), Oliver Hirsh (viol).

Price including accomodation, full board, and course fee: Single room c. 710 €, double room c. 680 €.

Information and application (by January 14, 2023):

Sebastian Schleussner
Norbyvägen 75A
SE-75239 Uppsala
Tel.: (+46) 707 328 348


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