MUSIC NEWBORN - Oliver Hirsh


continuo up to the time of Schütz

Oliver Hirsh takes pleasure in accompanying singers and other instrumentalists.

chamber organ

Motetti, geistliche Konzerte, sonate - whatever is content with meantone tuning - flourish in its gentle embrace. One realizes how the English found in the chamber organ such satisfying companionship for viols. On the other hand, its tutti is capable of solidly matching a choir.

Bible regalregal

Wonderfully intense reed sound surprisingly apt for the accompaniment of voice, winds, even viol. Though diminutive (rests on small table), also this Bible-shaped keyboard instrument, built by Ture Bergstrøm as copy of instrument in Copenhagen museum, requires the close collaboration of player and bellows-lifter.


A clear, flexible bass line, as gut strings and light bowing best provide. Experience in ensemble work and harmonic discernment no hindrance… With lowest note GG, we can underline weighty passages in the 16' octave, follow tenors up to the top.


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