MUSIC NEWBORN - Oliver Hirsh



Oliver Hirsh draws on rich experience in the realm of early music, both as organ- and viol-player and as director of international courses in music of the Renaissance. He has participated in many recordings - among them with Consort of Musicke and The Duke his Viols, and has recorded organ music by Pachelbel, Frescobaldi and Byrd.

His musical development was stimulated by his father's career as concert pianist and professor; and his training included studies at the University of Houston and at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, as well as a year with Nadia Boulanger in Paris. Later he profitted from courses in Ferrara and Brescia.

Whatever the focus of concerts involving Oliver Hirsh, there is sure to be an element of discovery. Often one of the programmed pieces is opened up: perhaps the composer used a well-known melody, a particular harmonic sequence or a popular dance form. Or the imitative games and transformations engaged in by independent voices may invite closer examination…


"Begeisterung dem Publikum vermittelt"
"Enthusiasm spread to the audience"
(Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, 1985)

"…a vital and inspiring record (Pachelbel Magnificat-fugues). Hirsh is an experienced player of the clavichord and viol, which clearly has enriched his organ-playing in such a way that he articulates as it is possible to do on a string or wind instrument. Thus, each pipe is given the opportunity to speak for itself."

(Orglet, 1976)

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